Turnarounds & Restructuring

Turnarounds and restructurings are highly complex and occasionally chaotic processes. They often involve numerous parties, significant planning and analysis and a high degree of coordination among numerous work streams. For most client management teams, this is unfamiliar territory. Charis Advisory Group team members have spent the majority of our careers working in this environment, and we have numerous successes in supporting and guiding management groups through it. 

As a boutique strategy consulting firm, we help you break through bureaucratic inertia to build world-class capabilities and drive real change. We assist C-Suite executives in moving quickly to decision and action by pinpointing business problems, identifying root causes and suggesting action steps.

We survey relationships with elected officials, boards of directors and organizations within the community. We also understand the relationship between administration and politics. Our solutions are accompanied by a sophisticated political mapping evaluation.

turnarounds and restructuring with charis advisory group

Our Turnaround & Restructuring services include:



  • Operational Restructuring Leadership & Execution
    We focus on your most critical issues and opportunities, combining our solid functional expertise with our holistic perspective. We capture value across boundaries and between the silos of organizations, while allowing you to manage the day-to-day operations of the business and the successful revitalization of the company.
  • Interim Leadership Services
    Our interim managers are experienced executives with specialized skills and a track record of achievement. They come from a broad range of industries, backgrounds and geographies, and they’re fully qualified to fill gaps, take on strategic roles and deliver quickly.
    • Our operational, administrative and financial executives develop and drive profitability improvement, cost reduction, business realigning and revenue optimization initiatives to get your organization back on the right track.
    • Our other executives fill leadership, financial, operations and functional management roles, along with the senior positions that report to them.


We provide clients with the insight and knowledge that come with decades of advisory corporate finance, along with mergers and acquisitions experience. When you face a financial crisis, you want solid advice on pursuing the best approach for your challenges. We offer a broad multidisciplinary approach, supported by nationally recognized business practices that have been engaged in many of the key complex restructurings of our time.


We analyze your financial operation and planned and actual results, including financial documents, accounting practices, performance indicators and audits, and we offer concrete ways to reduce or realign your costs. We also evaluate your human resources and can advise you on an organization structure designed for success, re-engineering operations and processes to make them much more effective and efficient. Our ultimate goal: to position you for optimal operations at the conclusion of our engagement.


Organizations often face underlying strategic challenges and cost or process issues that cause their businesses to deteriorate. These can arise from internal and external sources and are often not readily apparent. Our team is experienced at identifying the root causes of an enterprise’s deterioration and developing and implementing solutions to address them, improving the short- and long-term prospects of the business.


Big data and advanced analytics are creating profound new opportunities for businesses, yet less than 5% of companies are able to combine the right people, tools, data and organizational focus to take advantage of these opportunities. To realize the value of big data, organizations need strategic – and not merely technological – solutions. We use our strategy experience and analytical expertise to help you build the right capabilities so that you can mine data for insights that will result in better decisions and create more value.