Charis Advisory Group is a boutique strategy consultancy specializing in public and private sector consulting and advisory services.

Charis Advisory Group partners with you to transform your organization by identifying and solving the challenges that stand in the way of your growth and progress. We develop practical and sustainable solutions by leveraging distinctive, insight-driven analytics and proven methods to increase the pace, certainty and successful outcomes of your business opportunities.

We help a wide range of organizations, including hospitals, universities, nonprofits and public agencies.

    Together, we:

    • Envision, plan and manage enterprise-wide organization transformation programs
    • Plan and execute change management initiatives, with speed and agility
    • Build an internal change capability that is increasingly agile and adaptive
    • Use predictive analytics to aid decision making and highlight paths that achieve desired business outcomes during change programs

    Kimberly White

    Executive Leader, Strategic Thought Partner and Managing Director

    As an executive leader, strategic thought partner and managing director of Charis Advisory Group, Kimberly White is highly regarded for her inclusive leadership practices and collaborative problem-solving style. Her entrepreneurial approach consistently drives innovation as she develops, operationalizes and executes new business initiatives and turnarounds.

    Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities, proposing efficiencies and enhancing people management all support Kimberly’s passion to help companies and organizations align their performance goals with their vision and mission. Whether partnering on multimillion-dollar technology rollouts, guiding people investments or managing change, Kimberly leads all business opportunities with highly articulated data to support fiscal responsibility.